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Creating a Custom Bedding Set

Creating a Custom Bedding Set

Custom Bedding Set in CentennialEvery item in your home should be a reflection of your personal aesthetic. Creating a custom bedding set gives you the opportunity to choose the fabric that adds some of your personality to your bedroom design. Use the following tips to create a custom bedding set that puts you in control of your home décor and gives you the look that you want for your space:

  • Choose a Fabric - Whether you are drawn to a certain color or you fall in love with a pattern that you see in the fabric store, shopping for a material helps you find the foundation for your new bedding set. Decide if you want to use the same fabric on the comforters, the pillowcases, and the bedspread or if you want to mix and match a few different fabrics to create a unique bedding set.
  • Find the Right Size - Designing a custom bedding set helps you cater to mattresses and bedframes in unique sizes. If you do not have a traditional mattress or bedframe, you should take measurements with you when you go to the fabric store to ensure that you get a bedding set that actually fits your bed.
  • Create a New Focal Point for the Room - Designing a custom bedding set gives you the chance to breathe new life into your entire room. Once you have decided on the new bedding set, you can start to update other features in the room to create a completely new and exciting décor. From custom throw pillows to new window treatments, using the bedding set as the focal point makes it much easier to transform the rest of the room with features you

Instead of settling for a bedding set that does not really work for you, you should design your own so you can get exactly what you want. When you create a custom bedding set, you can choose fabric and custom pillows in Centennial that optimize the aesthetic appeal of your entire bedroom design.

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