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Incorporating Antiques into Your Interior Design

If you love the idea of having antiques in your home but you don't know how to incorporate them effectively, Designer Fabrics can help. We are re-upholstery experts that can restore antique furniture and bring it back to life. Designer Fabrics has a great selection of fabrics in Denver for you to choose from.

Incorporating Antiques into Your Interior Design

Modern/Traditional Blend

Even a traditional room will be completely transformed by a piece of antique furniture. Oftentimes a modern room is so sleek that one antique piece provides a great deal of visual interest. We recommend combining two different kinds of lighting—modern wall lights and a traditional chandelier, for example. A vintage couch with new upholstery fabric inside of a modern living room is another attractive look.


Some interior designers love the idea of mixing hard with soft, new with old, and square with round. This eclectic approach looks especially attractive when you combine fabrics of different color and texture. For example, in a room that features primarily subdued colors, adding one or two pieces of boldly colored furniture can create an eye-catching look.

Color Contrast

Bold colors can overwhelm a room if they aren't offset with white. But rooms that are primarily one or two subdued colors can look boring if they aren't accented with something bold. To ensure your antiques are incorporated nicely into your home, pay attention to the existing color schemes so you can create a contrast that's not too intense or too bland.

New Rustic

One of the latest interior decorating styles that works well with antiques is the rustic look. Wood floors, craftsman chairs, and robust tables characterize this style. Adding vintage or custom drapes to a room, or antique throw pillows to a rich leather sofa would be an effective way to incorporate attractive antiques into a room that features new rustic style.

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