Custom Wood and Composite Shutters in Centennial, CO

Throughout the Denver metropolitan area and Centennial, our design professionals give you the ability to have fully customized wood and composite shutters for your home decorating project. We understand the importance of allowing you to express your creativity when it comes to designing your living space, which is why you can always choose high-quality, American craftsmanship for your home—the way you want it! Because we are one of the few certified Hunter Douglas distributors in the Denver metropolitan area, you have access to an extensive range of some of the most sought-after, quality window treatment products. Take a look at all the custom wood and custom composite shutters we can offer you.

Why shutters?

Are you looking for a window treatment product you do not plan on changing in near future? Consider wood shutters. Wood shutters do not fade in sunlight, which means there will not be any need to replace them in a few years. Of course, we offer a wide variety of slides; whether for your entire window, bi-fold panels, or solid panels, we have different options that will meet all your purposes and needs. If done right, shutters can help to make your room to appear larger, giving your space an airy vibe. (We recommend speaking to our specialists for more information.)

Custom wood and composite shutters

At Designer Fabrics, our number 1 priority is to make sure you have full creative freedom. Whether you want exterior or interior shutters, you will be sure to find exactly what you need in our beautiful store.

Our wood shutters will allow you to control the amount of sunlight that comes in, making them perfect if you want to keep your blinds open, but still want to control the amount of brightness filtering in. By choosing natural wood, you instantly increase the value of your home, as well as pull together your home décor in a simple, elegant fashion. Our wood shutters can also provide a layer of protection to your windows, making them more than just of aesthetic value. Our wood shutters can come in differing sizes for your doors, windows, and more. You can also opt for exclusively decorative shutters, or for fully functional custom shutters for your convenience. Finally, perhaps the best advantage of wood shutters is that they are incredibly low maintenance—some soap and water is all you need for cleaning.

We also offer beautiful and functional custom composite shutters, which are very suitable for large windows and look quite similar to wood. With our composite shutters, you will never have to repaint them, and they are easy to manufacture, often taking just a week or two. Impervious to water, composite shutters are an excellent choice for your exterior. For more detailed information about our stunning window treatments, contact us today.

Contacting Designer Fabrics in Centennial

As your certified Hunter Douglas distributor, we offer you high-quality window shutters and all other window coverings and treatments. To make sure your home or room is the work of art it can be, do not hesitate to speak to one of our representatives. With more than 30 years of insight, we will make sure you have quality work with our personalized services and craftsmanship. Stop by our gorgeous store or showroom in Centennial, or call Designer Fabrics today to speak to one of our designers.

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