• What Are the Advantages of Furniture Reupholstering?

    What Are the Advantages of Furniture Reupholstering? Furniture comes in many different styles and with many different fabric options. Visiting a fabric store will show you how easy it is to take advantage of all of these fabric options with reupholstering! Some of the advantages of furniture reupholstering include: Feeling More Comfortable Some furniture is […]

  • Tips for Buying Antique Furniture

    Tips for Buying Antique Furniture Do you love antique furniture? From the shapes to the upholstery fabric , antique furniture offers style that is hard to find in modern pieces. Make the most of your next shopping trip by using these tips for finding the right antique furniture for your home: Decide What You Want […]

  • What to Include with Your Custom Bedding

    What to Include with Your Custom Bedding You start and end each day in your bed. Make the most of it by investing in a comfortable bed with fabulous bedding! It can be difficult to find the perfect bedding when you shop at regular stores. They might have the right fabric but the wrong size […]

  • Add Style to Your Home with Throw Pillows

    Add Style to Your Home with Throw Pillows You use pillows to support your head while you sleep—but the bedroom is not the only place to find these small and cozy items! Throw pillows are perfect accessories for the living room, study, family room, and other commonly-used rooms in the home. Pillows come in an […]

  • Energy-Efficient Window Treatments for Your Home

    Window treatments in Denver have a variety of functions. In addition to adding style and panache to your home, window treatments can also make your house more energy efficient. You can lose valuable heating and cooling through your windows, so it’s a wise idea to investigate your options for energy-efficient window treatments to help you […]

  • Pet-Friendly Sofa Materials

    Your pet is your best friend, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sofa to getting scratched up by him. When you are shopping at fabric stores in Denver to reupholster your couch, be sure to look for materials that are pet-friendly and durable. Watch this video for a look at pet-friendly sofa […]

  • Tips for Choosing Throw Pillows

    The way your home is decorated can say a lot about you. Even if you’re not an aspiring interior decorator, you can add style to your home easily with throw pillows in Centennial . Throw pillows can be added to nearly any room in your home for fashion, function, and comfort. There are many different […]

  • What Are the Differences Between Drapes and Curtains?

    There are a number of choices you have to make when you are looking at window treatments in Denver . You might opt for shutters, blinds, or shades in some rooms, but you could also want a different look for your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Curtains and drapes are terms that are often used […]

  • Custom Design Services from Designer Fabrics, Inc.

    At Designer Fabrics, we offer a range of custom window treatments, upholstery, and fabrics in Denver . Founded in 1981, our professionals have years of experience with accessorizing, design services, measurement, and installation services. To learn more about the design services and products we offer, read this article. With a selection of more than 1,500 […]

  • Incorporating Antiques into Your Interior Design

    If you love the idea of having antiques in your home but you don’t know how to incorporate them effectively, Designer Fabrics can help. We are re-upholstery experts that can restore antique furniture and bring it back to life. Designer Fabrics has a great selection of fabrics in Denver for you to choose from. Modern/Traditional […]